Just Read It For Yourself

Just read "what" for yourself? Just read The Bible for yourself. You should know what The Bible says for yourself.

You Don't Believe the Bible?Just Read It For Yourself

Do Not Believe

You say you don't believe the Bible or you may think it is complete nonsense or you may think it is a good book with some good principles. You don't believe the Bible is the Word of God as you may have heard it called. After all it was written by men. However, if you stop and think about it, what you believe about the Bible is based on what someone else has told you. You say you don't believe the Bible because what you have heard or read about the Bible. And after all aren't they smart or maybe even smarter than you? But think about this. We are not talking about science or physics or rocket science, etc. Those topics would be something you would have to be taught and there is a lot of books and information written about them. You would have to go to a higher learning institution and be educated about those subjects. But we are talking about one book. The Bible. Therefore, instead of making a decision about the Bible based on what other people think. Why not just read it for yourself?

You Do Believe the Bible?Just Read It For Yourself

Do Believe

Maybe you believe the Bible. You claim it to all be true. You believe it is from God. You know some or even a lot of the events (stories) in the Bible. You may even have parts of it memorized. You may be able to sing a song you learned as a child that lets you recite the list of the books of the Bible. All sixty–six of them. You may personally own a lot of them in print form and even have Bible apps on your smart device and computer. You may go to church very regularly. You may even be a Bible teacher at your church or church group. But stop and think about what you really know about the Bible. If you are honest with yourself, would you have to admit that what you know about and believe about the Bible, someone else has taught you through lessons and sermons. Now really think about this – have you read the Bible? Or have you read parts of the Bible and/or read about the Bible through devotion books? You know what you need to do? You need to just read it for yourself.

Need to KnowJust Read It For Yourself

Need to Know?!

The Bible is everything we need to know but not everything there is to know.

If you believe or even think it is possible that there is God. If you believe or even think it is possible that God is the creator. If God is the creator, then God created humans – us. And if God created us would God want to communicate with us? And if God chose to communicate with us could it be possible that God provided us the Bible as that communication? If the Bible is God communicating with us, then what is God telling us through the Bible? That communication would be everything we needed to know but would not necessarily be everything that there is to know. Then this statement would be true "The Bible is everything we need to know but not everything there is to know." And if the Bible is everything we need to know, then isn't it logical to say we need to know it. So, if that is true, what is the best way for you to know it? Just read it for yourself!

Preconceived Ideas Must Go?Just Read It For Yourself

I should forget what I think?

Just read it for yourself is just that – read the Bible for yourself. The whole Bible. Not parts of the Bible. And now the hard part. Read it without any of your own preconceived ideas of what it says. Don't read the Bible looking to reinforce what you think or what you have been taught. That is the hardest part about everything we see and hear. We perceive the world around us based on what we think or believe. Just read it for yourself is just that – read the Bible and see what it says. And don't worry about what someone else thinks should be or not be in the Bible. You will not understand everything and some of it will not make complete sense but keep reading. It will not be quick and easy, but it will be worth doing. Just read it for yourself!

You Do Believe the Bible?Just Read It For Yourself

What is a Version?

Before you read The Bible you must first pick a Bible Version. What are Bible versions? A Bible Version is a translation of The Bible from the original languages – primarily Hebrew and Greek. The Bible has been translated into many languages. The Bible translations on JustReadItForYourself.com are the versions of The Bible that are Public Domain English versions. There are many other English versions of The Bible but they are copyrighted and therefore we are not currently able to have them on JustReadItForYourself.com but hope to add them when we are financially able to do so.