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Steven and Jeanne and Family

Steven, Jeanne and Kids

Hi! We are the Cliftons – Steven and Jeanne. We were married on May 2, 1986 and we have three children, they are all married to wonderful people and we have one granddaughter. Our life together has been very busy raising three kids, homeschooling, college for all three, marriage for all three and the birth of our precious granddaughter in 2007 and all this while having our own computer business. We thought that once we got our empty nest, we would kind of rest on our laurels.

However, God had other plans for us. In January of 2017, Steven became very sick. We were able to get into Mayo Clinic and after many tests, he was diagnosed with End Stage Liver Disease – Non-Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the Liver of Unknown Origin and after many more tests, he was approved for a Liver Transplant. As a side note – he was also diagnosed with Kidney Cancer that would not have been found without all the testing for the Liver. The doctors were able to save the kidney and freeze the cancer. We received the call on September 22nd and Steven received his new liver on September 23, 2017. We are so very grateful to our donor, his / her family and their gift of life to him.

Then just as we thought we could take a breath, in November of 2017, Jeanne was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy in January of 2018 and following that, two types of chemotherapy for four weeks – every other week, and then two other types of chemotherapy for 12 weeks – every week. She completed the chemotherapy in July of 2018. We are both being monitored by doctors and will be for the rest of our lives.

Through all of these health issues, our mission field has been the people that we have met through all of our medical experiences. And because of that, we have seen the need to share the Word of God with these people. And while it would seem that everyone has access to God’s Word, there are many who do not. We have also learned that there are so many things that we as Believers think are in the Bible that actually are not. They are really ideas that are passed down from generation to generation as truth but are really just tradition and not actual Truth. So, we wanted to share this website with the idea of “Just Read It For Yourself” - read God’s Word for yourself to see what the Bible says – not what a devotional says, not the stories we heard as children or even as adults but what God says.

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