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Job 32

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32:1 So these three men gave no more answers to Job, because he seemed to himself to be right.

32:2 And Elihu, the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the family of Ram, was angry, burning with wrath against Job, because he seemed to himself more right than God;

32:3 And he was angry with his three friends, because they had been unable to give him an answer, and had not made Job's sin clear.

32:4 Now Elihu had kept quiet while Job was talking, because they were older than he;

32:5 And when Elihu saw that there was no answer in the mouth of the three men, he was very angry.

32:6 And Elihu, the son of Barachel the Buzite, made answer and said, I am young, and you are very old, so I was in fear, and kept myself from putting my knowledge before you.

32:7 I said to myself, It is right for the old to say what is in their minds, and for those who are far on in years to give out wisdom.

32:8 But truly it is the spirit in man, even the breath of the Ruler of all, which gives them knowledge.

32:9 It is not the old who are wise, and those who are full of years have not the knowledge of what is right.

32:10 So I say, Give ear to me, and I will put forward my knowledge.

32:11 I was waiting for your words, I was giving ear to your wise sayings; while you were searching out what to say,

32:12 I was taking note; and truly not one of you was able to make clear Job's error, or to give an answer to his words.

32:13 Take care that you do not say, Wisdom is here; God may overcome him, but not man.

32:14 I will not put forward words like these, or make use of your sayings in answer to him.

32:15 Fear has overcome them, they have no more answers to give; they have come to an end of words.

32:16 And am I to go on waiting while they have nothing to say? while they keep quiet and give no more answers?

32:17 I will give my answer; I will put forward my knowledge:

32:18 For I am full of words, I am unable to keep in my breath any longer:

32:19 My stomach is like wine which is unable to get out; like skins full of new wine, it is almost burst.

32:20 Let me say what is in my mind, so that I may get comfort; let me give answer with open mouth.

32:21 Let me not give respect to any man, or give names of honour to any living.

32:22 For I am not able to give names of honour to any man; and if I did, my Maker would quickly take me away.