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Leviticus 24

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LEV 24:1 And Jehovah speaketh unto Moses, saying,

LEV 24:2 `Command the sons of Israel, and they bring unto thee pure olive oil, beaten, for the lamp, to cause a light to go up continually;

LEV 24:3 at the outside of the vail of the testimony in the tent of meeting doth Aaron arrange it from evening till morning before Jehovah continually -- a statute age-during to your generations;

LEV 24:4 by the pure candlestick he doth arrange the lights before Jehovah continually.

LEV 24:5 `And thou hast taken flour, and hast baked twelve cakes with it, two tenth deals are in the one cake,

LEV 24:6 and thou hast set them two ranks (six in the rank) on the pure table before Jehovah,

LEV 24:7 and thou hast put on the rank pure frankincense, and it hath been to the bread for a memorial, a fire-offering to Jehovah.

LEV 24:8 `On each sabbath-day he arrangeth it before Jehovah continually, from the sons of Israel -- a covenant age-during;

LEV 24:9 and it hath been to Aaron, and to his sons, and they have eaten it in the holy place, for it `is' most holy to him, from the fire-offerings of Jehovah -- a statute age-during.'

LEV 24:10 And a son of an Israelitish woman goeth out (and he `is' son of an Egyptian man), in the midst of the sons of Israel, and strive in the camp do the son of the Israelitish woman and a man of Israel,

LEV 24:11 and the son of the Israelitish woman execrateth the Name, and revileth; and they bring him in unto Moses; and his mother's name `is' Shelomith daughter of Dibri, of the tribe of Dan;

LEV 24:12 and he causeth him to rest in charge -- to explain to them by the mouth of Jehovah.

LEV 24:13 And Jehovah speaketh unto Moses, saying,

LEV 24:14 `Bring out the reviler unto the outside of the camp; and all those hearing have laid their hands on his head, and all the company have stoned him.

LEV 24:15 `And unto the sons of Israel thou dost speak, saying, When any man revileth his God -- then he hath borne his sin;

LEV 24:16 and he who is execrating the name of Jehovah is certainly put to death; all the company do certainly cast stones at him; as a sojourner so a native, in his execrating the Name, is put to death.

LEV 24:17 `And when a man smiteth any soul of man, he is certainly put to death.

LEV 24:18 `And he who smiteth a beast repayeth it, body for body.

LEV 24:19 `And when a man putteth a blemish in his fellow, as he hath done so it is done to him;

LEV 24:20 breach for breach, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; as he putteth a blemish in a man so it is done in him.

LEV 24:21 `And he who smiteth a beast repayeth it, and he who smiteth `the life of' man is put to death;

LEV 24:22 one judgment is to you; as a sojourner so is a native; for I `am' Jehovah your God.'

LEV 24:23 And Moses speaketh unto the sons of Israel, and they bring out the reviler unto the outside of the camp, and stone him with stones; and the sons of Israel have done as Jehovah hath commanded Moses.