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Job 37

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JOB 37:1 Also, at this my heart trembleth, And it moveth from its place.

JOB 37:2 Hearken diligently to the trembling of His voice, Yea, the sound from His mouth goeth forth.

JOB 37:3 Under the whole heavens He directeth it, And its light `is' over the skirts of the earth.

JOB 37:4 After it roar doth a voice -- He thundereth with the voice of His excellency, And He doth not hold them back, When His voice is heard.

JOB 37:5 God thundereth with His voice wonderfully, Doing great things and we know not.

JOB 37:6 For to snow He saith, `Be `on' the earth.' And the small rain and great rain of His power.

JOB 37:7 Into the hand of every man he sealeth, For the knowledge by all men of His work.

JOB 37:8 And enter doth the beast into covert, And in its habitations it doth continue.

JOB 37:9 From the inner chamber cometh a hurricane, And from scatterings winds -- cold,

JOB 37:10 From the breath of God is frost given, And the breadth of waters is straitened,

JOB 37:11 Yea, by filling He doth press out a cloud, Scatter a cloud doth His light.

JOB 37:12 And it is turning itself round by His counsels, For their doing all He commandeth them, On the face of the habitable earth.

JOB 37:13 Whether for a rod, or for His land, Or for kindness -- He doth cause it to come.

JOB 37:14 Hear this, O Job, Stand and consider the wonders of God.

JOB 37:15 Dost thou know when God doth place them, And caused to shine the light of His cloud?

JOB 37:16 Dost thou know the balancings of a cloud? The wonders of the Perfect in knowledge?

JOB 37:17 How thy garments `are' warm, In the quieting of the earth from the south?

JOB 37:18 Thou hast made an expanse with Him For the clouds -- strong as a hard mirror!

JOB 37:19 Let us know what we say to Him, We set not in array because of darkness.

JOB 37:20 Is it declared to Him that I speak? If a man hath spoken, surely he is swallowed up.

JOB 37:21 And now, they have not seen the light, Bright it `is' in the clouds, And the wind hath passed by and cleanseth them.

JOB 37:22 From the golden north it cometh, Beside God `is' fearful honour.

JOB 37:23 The Mighty! we have not found Him out, High in power and judgment, He doth not answer! And abundant in righteousness,

JOB 37:24 Therefore do men fear Him, He seeth not any of the wise of heart.